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The iPhone has no standard method to allow users to save documents to the device and have them shared amongst appropriate reader software. Buying third party software and struggling with the different methods each have for syncing content on a per application level by the app specific method is clumsy and time consuming.

FSpace Publications like many other vendors developed their own ebook engine to make it a simple process for the consumer to get a publication onto the iPhone/iPod Touch directly from the AppStore.

The I-series ebook engine is one of these engines developed in-house. It provides a simple multitouch swipe for scrolling, tap and pinch-zoom features for navigation. It uses a sectioned approach to a publication and allows you to hide and show different sections of the document for you reading pleasure.

Te I-series is a complete rework of a publication suitable for use on the small iPhone screen. Where images are higher quality than default size, you can zoom into them - something typically done with maps and plans.

This format is still optimized to fit with the total file size limits Apple has imposed on application sizes.

These publications may contain internal hyperlinks, as well hyperlinks to external sources. When triggering an external hyperlink, pages open inside the application (not Safari). In future we hope to allow this to trigger page loads in Safari where you can use features native to that application.

The I-Series also allows us to embed interactive features. The Aronhi Profile is a prime example where a Statistic Generator is embedded in the body of the book. This allows us to build in dynamic features not possible with traditional publications. For gamers, scientists or other hobbyists or professionals, some tools of the trade can be included right next the to text reference, simplifying the learning experience, or making daily use of such tools easier.

    Feature support
  • Linear vertical reading flow for precise positioning of reading content
  • Swipe scrolling
  • Two finger pinch and zoom
  • Double tap zooming
  • Optional fixed portrait or landscape view
  • Optional accelerometer page rotation with scaling
  • Hide/show content sections
  • Optional dynamic content calculators
  • Hyperlinking to external websites

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