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I’ve been looking at my traffic logs for the FSpace website and looking at where we are getting referred traffic.

75% of all traffic is direct Google generates the next block (inc maps, images and books), with some other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc generating some.

Looking at real user traffic from other sites I can track the following sites generating traffic:

  • OneBookShelf sites and other rpg publishers using an OBS catalog site on their system
  • Wikipedia
  • iTunes
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Traveller sites like wikia, freelancetraveller
  • Yahoo mail, Google Mail and MS Live is also getting us links (probably because of mailouts for OneBookShelf - but a few might be developers on the mailing list)
  • And a few other generic and rpg directories etc Some others I don’t know why yet.

    I think the results are interesting and help me see some websites with links to us that I didn’t know about.

    It is also important to track down which sites I’ve spent time with directory listings on, or comments to see if they are effective.

    Clearly every entry I’ve set up on other sites, whether as part of a profile, supplied details on us or products is generating clickthrus to us.

    All good.

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