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Amazon have notified me they will no longer be selling Kindle books below the US$0.99 price point.

This means some of our products will be going through a price rise to remain available.

Amazon just don’t have a convincing business model for FREE or low cost digital titles at the moment.

They may be trying to clear out low value titles and/or force price rises.

The $0.99 pricing seems to bring them inline with Apple iTunes minimum chargeable price. Although Apple still allow free products.

As a comparison OneBookShelf allows a FREE or minimum of $0.50 pricing model.

This change by Amazon doesn’t bother me either way. Amazon have a poor track record for us sales wise. I believe it has a lot to do with the Kindle devices having black and white screens and roleplaying and kids books being largely colour. If Amazon release a colour Kindle device I’d be interested to see if sale performance is boosted.

Also note we make more money as a publisher and for our authors by selling through Apple or OneBookShelf than through Amazon or the Mobipocket network.

If you want to support our authors and our publishing efforts then please purchase from those outlets that give us the best return on investment, while giving you the consumer the best prices and options to suit your needs.

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