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I’m starting to get into difficult territory for iPhone ebook conversions now.

The following books are not presently in any iPhone form:

  • -Fed Times collection (orig versions)
  • Rulebook 3.1
  • Rulebook Kapcon 1995
  • Rulebook 1995v2
The reason for this is that they are scans of printouts of work done in Pagestream on my Atari. They do not compress particularly well, and the UI handles large objects like a slug. These 4 may never be converted. To achieve this I’ll have to retypes them from the original document sources. If so these will soot the I-Series engine.

The following books are now legacy and found only in high resolution print formats not suitable for the iPhone:

  • Ref Man 1
  • Ref Man 2.0
  • Concise 4.0
A test of RefMan 1 did reduce it in size, but it’s still twice the file size that is reasonable. Some reconstruction is needed, but these should be viable in the future for use with the R-series iPhone ebook engine.

I’ve converted all current viable books to either R-series or I-series ebook engines.

If I want to I could offer the publication in I-series format as a print reproduction version using the R-series engine as an alternative presentation - They’ll look nice on an iPad.

That would mean I could port the following:

  • Alt Skills
  • Aronhi profile
  • Derelict 2
  • Dice and skill usage
  • F-Files
  • Fed Times issues 1-9
  • Solarian profile
This would of course give me another 15 iPhone titles, but they are only alternatives to ones we already have. I could add the non fiction titles in I-series format as well.

I have the Fight For the Future presentation from the convention to consider. It’s huge because of the video clip on Aaron. If I drop it I can compress this to fit and perform okay.

Anyway without any work on the above we’ve reached a total of 80 iPhone apps/ebook apps with the work completed so far this week. 1/3 of these are utilities.

In essence I need to double my number of utilities to get to the 100 title mark.

If I ever do any of the above book conversions they won’t add much in the way of value, so they can just wait. I’d rather work on new releases or digital releases of publications found previous in print only.

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