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The following books have been converted to iPhone ebook apps

  • Tayana BETA Files
  • Personality v1.1
  • Martial Arts v1.1
  • FED RPG BETA Files (This is a forced landscape book).
  • Net Rules 2
  • Developer BETA files
  • Daryn Throne Dalelands
  • Library Data 2177
  • Psionics 1.1
  • FED GDD articles
  • Pritchard BETA files (partial reproduction images missing and performs sluggishly - has been discounted - further processing work may produce a better version for a later revision)
  • Concise Rulebook 4.2 (fancy borders have been removed and some images reproduce badly when zoomed- but it’s done and actually performs better than the Pritchard BETA files)
  • Equipment 1.2
Our iPhone app/ebook app count has reached: 80

I released Animals 1 inch classic counters on OneBookShelf this week.

Fed Times 5 has been converted to Mobipocket format. It has been released on Mobipocket bookcase network. It has been released on OneBookShelf.

Refer to product pages for sales links and product information.

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