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Status: Official

I’m now a fully registered and paid up Business iPhone developer.

I actually paid about a month ago, but it’s taken me a while to get the final piece done - namely the code signing certificates generated by Apple.

I’ve done some further work with the SDK since then.

Anyway the short of it is my ebook engine works, my random alien word generators and the RSS Reader for FSpaceRPG can all go forward now.

I have one of them already loaded on my iPhone as of today.

The other thing being a Business developer (which took getting a statement from IRD to prove to Apple I was a legitimate sole trader and statement of my trade names) is that I can allow other developers in my team to load iPhone applications to their iPhones or iPod Touchs.

I know several of you own these devices.

For Mac owners I can provide the information needed for you to use this facility. For PC owners, you have to visit me to load your device up.

Anyway this heralds a new age for FSpace Publications and let’s me explore a very different kind of market.

As you all know it has been my plan since around 2000 to want to be on the pocket computer revolution once the right technology came along to make both books and applications viable for gaming use.

Well that is well and truly here.

And while the market has now proved itself, RPG publishers are new to this space, so we’ll be in fine form :-)

And any budding iPhone developer who wants to market something (or give away free), but not pay the annual fee, come talk to me - we can strike a deal.

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