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Ed note: FSpace Publications has been involved in POD Beta testing being conducted by OneBookShelf (OBS) for Drivethurrpg, RPGNOW, WargamesVault and other parts of their network. Part of those tests including actual book manufacture and shipping tests. Our Editor in Residence, Robert received the first test copy in London, UK.

In the grand scheme of photo-unwrapping the latest gadget, I have done a photo unwrapping of the FSpace Concise Rulebook 4.2.

General comments.

  1. It was quite a while from the point that you told me it was ordered till it arrived. Unfortunately I can’t say when over the weekend it actually arrived because I was away Thursday, Friday, Saturday, but anyway, it arrived.
  2. Packaging was a single folded sheet of corrugated cardboard which was formed to the shape of the book, I do not believe the book was able to move within the packaging.
  3. The cardboard had no obvious damage, but places where there was contingency for the same form of cardboard to package a large book showed signs of having absorbed some handling impacts.
  4. No damage to the book itself. It seemed to be in good condition, with as good a cover and binding as many similar publications. There was no evidence of separation of the laminate from the printing.
  5. There was a slight ripple to the whole book, but this is typical of this king of printing method. I think it is something to do with the laser printer heating the paper and then rolling it and then stacking similarly treated pages so that, individually a page holds little distortion, the overall stack of paper acquires a wave shape. You can see this on the penultimate image.
  6. I was rather alarmed at the enormous furry alien with glowing green eyes, which seemed to accompany the package, see the final image.top right
Other than that, it looks good, not too sure what the differences are from the previous version, but I did only flick through.

Ed note: The version of 4.2 used in this test is a greyscale interior with the fancy border removed, making to more like the 4.1 version. A colour interior A4 book size option was not available using OBS’s POD partner during this test. We aren’t sure if this we be the case in the future. Lulu on the other hand does provide such a service for perfect bound softcovers, and our titles are available there.

OBS have not announced a data when POD publications will be available for sale direct to consumers. The service is publisher ordering only at the moment.

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