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In thinking about the new channels I’m about to load FSpace onto, I’ve decided not to load our back catalogs of older products with these services at this time.

I’d like to make the best impression possible in those channels and try and secure the higher value sales of current products.

It will also keep our offerings simple.

That means older works by Stephen, and all my older rulebook versions, and most of the BETAs of current products will not feature.

For rulebooks this means I’ll have Concise 4.2 and Reference 2.1 and obviously the forthcoming Complete 2010.

Over time a back catalog will develop on these other vendors as I revise books, such as the Concise, Reference an d Complete rulebook series, along with things such as Equipment, Library Data and scenarios like the Turram Encounter, Quinkose and Boarding Action.

This is an experiment to try these channels out, look at their income generating potential and how we can market using them.

While I work on new products this year, these other channels are going to have constant releases featuring, which are our current products, so we should see some good starting results from existing products alongside real new releases.

Anyway that’s the plan. Our real back catalog can be loaded later when we’re hunting for more sales and don’t have enough new products in the pipeline, much as I’ve done with OneBookShelf. But I’ll give it 1-2 years maybe.

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