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In recent weeks Apple has begun to scrutinize the material it previously approved for release. The first target was pornography and other sexual themed applications. Over 6000 apps were reported as being removed with only well established mainstream media brands remaining.

The next area Apple is targeting is the so called cookie cutter applications that are formulaic apps just churned out by developers.

It has been reported that Apple want the content of the AppStore to be quality offerings that provide something better than can be found on websites.

It seems Apple is going to upset a lot of developers whose work they previously approved and help build complete business operations from these applications. While some developers will take on the challenge, others are going to suffer.

This move may also see some developer shift their focus to supporting the Android store where barriers to entry are less pronounced.

For FSpace Publications we deliver either books, or very simple applications. We do release this material can be obtained via other mechanisms, but like many in countries where mobile data costs $1 per 10MB, even using a simple website for a tool repeatedly is more costly that a simple application purchase that you purchase and keep on your phone.

Most of our applications are designed as accessories to support our roleplaying books, and in the case of the I-series books, we intend adding functionality we develop in some of our applications directly into future books, helping to transform the roleplaying gamebook experience.

We also want to release future toolkits which combine several of the basic apps into one bigger one. For instance we’d like to combine our elven language products into a single application when we’ve finished with our newer developments. For the spaceflight, starship and astronomy applications, we’d like to combine them into a bigger package.

Making rapid progress towards advanced iPhoneOS applications is going to take some time. We have only one developer, being myself and I have to do most of the operations of FSpace Publications at the same time.

Without any venture capital, or a job to fund the necessities of life, I’m stuck having to develop smaller products to generate income while bigger products are being worked on.

I am exploring means to extend our application offerings with content and dynamic material generated by our main webserver. This work will take some time to research and implement.

I encourage Apple to strive for improved quality, but I like to see them provide more upfront guidelines and support material. Engaging more with developers and assisting them would be a great idea. I love the iPhoneOS platform, and love the ability to generate material and strive towards earning an income from this activity.

Consumers ultimately determine if an application is successful and will drive how the AppStore and it’s content performs.

We are a niche market developer and content provider, and hopefully Apple doesn’t label us a junk provider because our apps have low sales volumes.

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