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For the sale a lot of work was done.

All products were on sale.

Fed Times 7 was on the frontpage for most of the sale, with Fed Times 8 mobipocket for the last 8 hours.

A mailout drawing attention to Fed times 7 mobi was done.

Banner adverts were run on all 3 major parts of the network.

The FSpace website featured a frontpage article about the sale for it’s entire duration, including banner ads on every page.

And I added a link to Facebook to use Social media.

Because I accepted an offer from OBS for using their banners I got a bunch of publisher points. Most were spent on the sale.

The results are near what I expected. The sale was very crowded with lot’s of vendors, and a few giving crazy $1 deals.

A 4.1 rulebook was sold, and a select range of smaller tabletop items plus the odd smaller book. The banner adverts are probably responsible for most of the sales during this period.

It pulled in only US$16.05

Following such a sale we tend to perform badly for the rest of the month.

Unless we manage more sales this will turn into the worst March on record at OBS, taking only 1/4 the revenue of last year, or 1/10 the year before that.

Sales with hundreds of publishers don’t work for us. Sure OBS probably net more money, but individual publishers aren’t seeing as much revenue.

We’ll watch the rest of the month and see what happens.

But this decline following the poor performance in Feb following that huge Haiti support spend up is just more activity that is making it harder in the RPG ebook market.

We’ll see what happens with new product releases this year, and I really want to see what generic (aka non-FSpace) materials perform like. I have some thoughts.

This decline on OBS continues to motivate me to explore other vendor channels.

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