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FSpace Publications can make our ebook engines available to other authors, publishers and corporations in a few ways.

We offer a comprehensive publishing service for any author or smaller publisher who wants to take advantage of our current channels without the current hassle. We will use our iPhone ebook engines as part of that publishing service.

If you want to list your ebook packaged in one of our engines for sale or free distribution using your own Apple iPhone Developer account, we are happy to engage in paid work to do so. You will need to give us the signing certificate used with your account so the final application can be delivered matching your certificate.

If you are wanting source code for our engines, they are not available for sale or licensing to other parties. We charge very reasonable fees for the R-series engine, and we feel that the fee is an appropriate cost recovery leaving you as author/publisher with an end product not encumbered by license agreements which you have to deal with ensuring we get our due cut. And this makes it very easy if you want to distribute your work for free.

Straight conversions if you supply everything we need can cost as low as NZ$120+gst or US$99.

Not all publications suit the R-series, or you might prefer the I-series and K-series engines. for conversions involving those engines, we need to look at the complete work and the form it’s submitted so we can provide you an estimated cost.

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