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Another technique to get a PDF or other document onto your iPhone using the native applications involves using an easy trick on the Mac (although with a bit more work you can do it on a PC).

This involves using iPhoto synchronization of individual pages from a document converted to images which iTunes can sync. Sony PSP users may recall similar strategies to get books onto their devices. If you have some time, don’t want to fork out for an app, or download a free one (especially if you don’t have a credit card to sign up at the AppStore), here is the way to do it.

On the Mac the OS X function that does this is the Print function found in most applications. Print has a special item on the PDF button called Save PDF to iPhoto. This will convert whatever you are printing into a picture instead of a PDF file and send it to iPhoto.

You then use the functions in iTunes about managing iPhoto collections to control the sync of this material. The Photos app on the iPhone will let you scroll, zoom and change pages as need be. While not as elegant as an ebook reader, it’s another can do approach.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the PDF file you want to view on your iPhone in Preview in OS X.
  2. Select Print. In the dialog that appears select the PDF button on the bottom left hand side.
  3. Now scroll down the pop up list and select Save PDF to iPhoto.
  4. iPhoto will now launch and you will be prompted for an album name to store the new files. Type in the name of the document or if you prefer just “iPhone Documents” if you’d like to make this album the repository of all your converted documents.
  5. Sync your iPhone. You’ll have to go to the Photo page in iTunes to make sure the folder is selected and that the images sync.
  6. On your iPhone click photos and you’ll see the PDF has been broken down by pages and is viewable, scrollable, and zoomable like any other photo.
If you are printing in a document you can change the font in, such as Text Edit, Word or Excel you can increase the text size of the document and print the file to iPhoto in landscape mode to increase the quality of the image that is created. Use whatever control you have to make the file readable on your iPhone.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro you can save an unlocked PDF out to a series of JPEGs directly from the export menu and it has control options for quality and resolution. Just drag and drop the output into iPhoto - or use the Windows equivalent for iTunes on a PC.

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