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I’ve decided to change my release schedule at the moment.

Lulu have a great offer until 16 March where the first new book I publish, up to a value of US$25 will have a proof copy printed free of charge and shipped to me (shipping extra).

For this I can get a casebound hardback book with 400 internal greyscale pages done.

So I’ve decided to move my Complete Rulebook 2010 forward from December to right now.

I’m very prepared to pay for shipping to have a hardback book, even if it’s black and white interior. A concise rulebook (230 pages) full colour throughout in hardback is unfortunately something like $63.

Even though these books aren’t A4 without the colour border pattern, it’s easy to fit to page, so I’m going ahead.

It will get me a nice book copy for future reference an use in any gaming.

This will be a v1 release which I’ll review and correct mistakes I can find reviewing the real copy. I’ll then finalise it for general POD release in hardback and softcover. A v2 in colour with updated content can be done in December.

I just thought the offer was too good to resist.

And it will give a hardback to take photo off and have sales links for. :-)

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