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Because the Complete Rulebook 2010 contains material from other books, it means the credits are getting an adjustment over the Concise Rulebook.

Andrew gets promoted up the order from Assistant contributor to Contributing Writer, largely because of the McDougal pieces. I expect v2 will include even more of his work.

Tony Harris is now included in the Assistant Contributor list because of the inclusion of the Solarian idea near the back. Tony previously had not work appearing in the main rules.

Gary, Stephen and Robert firmly hold onto the Contributing Writer credits, with more of their work featured with the inclusion of other books.

I would say with the merger, Stephen has moved into the number 2 slot in terms of text content, although both Gary and Robert have material appearing that wasn’t present before. I expect with v2 to feature more work from you all.

Anyway thanks for all your work years ago, and for those of you who did work more recently that is now being folded into the game.

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