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I have continued work on the Complete Rulebook v1 this week. Page count is now where it needs to be. The content needs a lot of tidying up, and some space filling, but should be complete within a week.

What will be noticeable is I’m actually adding some new content. As I’ve transfered over stuff for gun/vehicle/starship templates, I’ve had to fill in costs and weights and the odd piece of other spec which was missing from original writeups. And for the odd entry I’ve added additional explanation text. Even with my psionics equipment section, I’ve added further copy not found in the v1.1 psionics book.

While these additions are not completely filling blank space at the moment, it is adding to this new book to give it not just merged content, but some new pieces.

When I do the Vehicles, Starships and Armoury guides later in the year, these extras from 2010v1 will be taken and improved further, so that come 2010v2 we’ll have a nice update to ensure v2 is worth it over v1.

I think all this work is inching every project along and will help me complete my publication plan for the year.

Well back to it.

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