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I suppose I better brace you for my expectations for March.

I’ve got a lot of things pressuring me for time this month, and unfortunately no paid work out of most it. Hopefully it might lead to something. Most of the time is sapped with a non-paying obligation however.

So for this month the only real thing will be the Complete Rulebook 2010 v1 as POD and PDF. It will not hit the iPhone, as I think it will be too big. I’ll trial it and see. Because of it’s size I don’t expect much in the way of sales, probably none this month.

Apart from that I’ll probably get mobipockets out of the last 2 FED Times issues not converted to that format.

No iPhone work unfortunately.

So OBS is going to be disappointing unless the sale does well.

And I can probably expect a sales decline on Apple because of a lack of new releases.

Basically if the quest to find a job or countless contract discussions don’t result in anything I’ll have to make some hard choices because that activity is stopping me from expanding a business that has meant the difference between stability or financial ruin.

If the business doesn’t get enough attention it shrivels up.

It needs to grow.

Anyway I thought I’d brace you for bad news in 4 weeks time.

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