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Issue 10 of Federation Times introduces a basic framework of hyperdrive astrogation plots including some task difficulties.

The complexity of hyperdrive systems, astrogation sensors and the computer systems increases with time. Terran development has been quite sudden over the period of 2 decades, even quicker than the initial personal computer revolution in the late 20th century.

This progress means a diversity of systems exist. Astrogators may find it challenging to work on systems they aren’t familiar with, especially given the differences between initial and modern military systems, along with the simpler civilian systems. Training and development isn’t going to be cross-system and astrogators are going to deal with different task difficulty levels when facing using systems they aren’t familiar with because of this.

It is also important to keep this in mind when using alien systems.

Another thing is that some aliens use different hyperdrive systems and astrogation tasks are completely different. Someone skilled in GM hyperdrive astrogation is going to have to learn their professional again for using Conventional or Andorian style hyperdrives.

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