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Status: Official

All our iPhone applications and ebook apps do work on the iPad using the pixel double zoom, or at actual size. We’ve encountered some issues which require some major reprogramming and redesign of every application before we can deliver apps that are universal between both platforms. Updates should begin coming in the next few weeks.

A number of our book titles will be available directly on the iPad by way of other channels than our direct offerings on the iTunes AppStore.

The Apple bookstore will soon carry a selection of titles being provided to Apple by way of a distribution vendor we’ve been using. The number of titles will increase with time.

They aren’t aren’t formatted to the same standard we produce directly, and we are still waiting for Apple to reply so we can cut a direct deal.

The other means is to use Amazon’s Kindle application which should be available for the iPad soon. Amazon carries about 20 of our titles in the Kindle store at the moment.

Once we’ve sorted out our on iPad offerings, you can choose whichever method of delivery, purchase and format suits you best.

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