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The hardback version of the Complete rulebook 2010v1 has arrived from Lulu.

It looks and feels like a polished and substantial product to use for gaming, and reminds one of those heavy weight 3rd ed OGL tomes you find around the place. The thickness of this book is greater than the original AD&D players and DMs guides put together. At 400 pages it ought to be substantial.

Having a black and white interior does keep the price down, but lacks the impact of the colour illustrations.

It is still an impressive volume.

Packaging was exactly the same as in the review for the 4.2G rulebook produced by Lightning Source for OneBookShelf, which Robert reviewed earlier.

This edition is available from Lulu now, and we hope to make it available via the Lightning Source/OneBookshelf combination when their POD facility goes public. Check out the product page (link below) to find vendors for this product.

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