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Well for some time we have pinned our hopes on ondemand digital printing.

In essence this sounds good, and we printed 2 sample books using funds loaned by Robert of the main rulebook.

However that test showed problems, namely the durability of the book. The digital printed covers scuff, and often after 2 years the toner powders and begins coming off. I looked at what both could be done to improve the perfect binding and the sealing of digital print.

Even with access to WCC’s digital facilities to drive the price down, I cannot find a way to make single book printing work, nor getting adequate sealing for perfect binding for single book runs.

Thus our hopes are somewhat dashed.

However saddle stitched books (stapled) at this level is okay. The only problem is the rulebook is too big. Small books (sub 100 pages) for limited runs and prototypes are okay.

The covers can be laminated, but to seal the interior from toner durability issues, my investigations further proved no service exists in Wellington to undertake sealing, even though many possible leads were put forward for a while.

A machine exists in Auckland, but yet again the costs involved for us with a vendor in Auckland just do not make sense.

Cafepress now make a print ondemand book service for uploaded PDF books, so I might look into that.

Otherwise we are back to considering small book runs to make laminating covers or perfect binding on digital print work, which is close to $1000 for a small rulebook run, and leaves little room for profits. Not a viable export item.

Thus we must consider offset printed books, which we also know is outside my financial means.

We can only try a limited digital run to put in front of distributors and hope they will place orders big enough to borrow the finances needed to move forward.

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