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The FSpace website is getting an overhaul this festive session.

I felt it was time to get something new. check out the ‘new’ button link and some of the articles with images and you’ll get the idea of what I’m doing.

All the old images have been updated to that new frame style.

Some low res parts for the navigation buttons will be replaced on Tuesday with high res ones.

Then after some tweaks I’ll be strongly focussing on content, new images, and getting more of our image library converted into full colour scenes.

Also expect the member, Traveller and Tayana sites back online with the old site templates, but linked through from this new design.

The old FSpace ecommerce store is going to be trashed. I haven’t sold much from it, and will be looking at a new way to present the products for sale.

If you have any suggestion, fire away.

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