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Coding, coding and more coding. It’s all been about the iPhone this week.

I’ve completed a working version of FSpace SkillCheck Nothing to write home about. Basic code to do the task difficulty checks, but at it’s heart the engine for true universal iPad support. We’re waiting on approval from Apple.

The skillcheck code will make it’s way as a function into some of the book apps such as NetRules.

I’ll review Robert’s AltSkills and see what mechanics change this tool needs for Focus and Speciality. For the main stream rules I haven’t included familiarity as an seperate function, but I don’t see any problem with doing that if need be.

With further tinkering the R-series still cannot be updated with complete success to the iPad. I’ve followed some guidance from others without any improvement. Everything is working smoothly for a universal app and the glitches only appear in the landscape mode. Until Apple fix things or someone has a viable workaround, all these books remain iPod only.

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