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Status: Official

This week I’ve completed and released the following.

At Smashwords I’ve released the following:

  • Brand Building
  • Community Education
  • Pacific Settlement
  • Aronhi Profile
  • The Solarians
  • F-Files
  • Derelict v2

I’ve cracked the work needed to create iPad specific applications.

iPad apps done this week include:

  • SkiilCheckXL
  • HyperDriveXL

The following has been done for iPhone:

  • Fed Times 10 (as I series)
  • Quinkose Contact Scenario (as TI series with live links included)

We’ve also been involved in some work for Wellington City Council and have produced an iPhone ebook application of their Draft Annual Plan 2010-2011. Download it here. We’ve also released their older Annual Plan 2008-2009 in the same format. Check it out here.

I’ve released the following on Mobipocket (Amazon coming shortly)

  • Fed Times 10
  • Quinkose Contact Scenario
Check out product pages for links to products as they go live with vendors.

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