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Apple announced last week a new version of the iPhoneOS, version 4 will be coming in a few months time.

This includes some major changes for the iPhone and iPod Touch (although the oldest series of iPhones and iPod Touches miss out).

The change most importantly means that iBooks will ship for these small devices, so won’t be exclusive to the iPad at that point.

This will create a significant shift in the book market for these small devices, meaning more people will turn to the ibookstore rather than the book category of the AppStore.

While I’m using the Smashwords distribution service as a means to get into the iBookStore because Apple won’t communicate with small press publisher like myself at this time, the majority of our books don’t suit Smashwords.

The primary reason is Smashwords undertakes a conversion service that doesn’t support tables. This strikes out most gamebooks. In fact they don’t support a lot of standard WP layout, like tabs etc.

A handful of books have been converted, including some FSpace stuff. I’ll look at alternative formatting (like simple lists or graphics of tables) for books with low table counts.

Basically the priority is to get as many products featured as possible now, until such time as Apple lets us in directly.

At least from a user perspective we are giving them a significant amount of choice on the Apple iPhoneOS ecosystem. As more vendors make reader/store apps available, we have plenty of presence around the place to let people buy something from a channel elsewhere, but use them on these devices.

And with time, we should be on plenty of other devices and stores.

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