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I’ve converted the Aronhi Profile to Mobipocket format (since 2/3s of the work was done in making it for iPhone).

I’ve released it on both Mobipocket ebookbase and on OBS.

It will appear on Amazon probably about a week.

It is not a fancy book to have done - aimed at other mobile pocket devices other than the iPhone.

It will also help add titles to my Xmas promo I’m running via Mobipocket (typically 75% off the gaming titles until the end of December). I’m trying to kickstart sales via these channels.

On OBS, mobipocket version do tend to sell a few copies for those that do not like PDFs. It will also add to a Mobipocket Product Bundle I’ve yet to launch which will have have a discount applied. I’ll be launching it on 1 December as part of our Xmas launch and promo strategy on OBS. The F-Files supplement will also be converted to mobipocket and made available as part of that bundle.

Also the release of Aronhi mobipocket has gotten us back onto the OBS frontpages for now, since F-Files PDF version has dropped off (having made two sales during it’s presence there).

F-Files promos to come soon.

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