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A lot of buzz is happening at the moment about major US based publishing houses preparing for a big switch to electronic delivery of magazines with the advent of powerful tablet devices and other technology that are being rolled out in 2010 onwards. Many are preparing for the death of paper as we know it.

One of the most revealing looks at prototypes put together for this new era in publishing has involved a redesign of the Popular Science magazine for this coming devices.

The link below takes you to an short article about this, but the video on the page is what you need to watch. Very informative.


With my own work on the iPhone ebook engine, I’m happy to say we are at least in the field, but no where near the sophistication shown in the Popular Science build.

Plenty of other examples can be found on the net.

Most use Flash based technology, while some others are investigating HTML5/CSS3 and a few others have some SVG based solution (which can be supported by the other 2 main ones if one desires to.

Anyway I thought it was a great insight to share, and it will be interesting to see the gaming industry take on this.

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