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Because of my comments to Stephen about file formats in the response on Turram I thought I’d spell out what problems I’m facing.

While over the years I’ve maintained a fairly clear set of tools I’ve used for mainstream design (Freehand, Pagemaker and Photoshop) tools to cover vector art, page layout and image creation/manipulation, in other areas this workflow is not so clear, especially when working with others. When I switched to the Mac I’ve done most of my text and spreadsheets in Claris/Appleworks, but have been forced into the realm of Excel, Word and RTF files as well. My legacy Atari materials in terms of text got converted to TXT formats no longer recognised by modern editors either - much if it remains in the raw form. And I started using Apple’s Pages instead of Appleworks for some. Amongst Word and other Office formats, I’ve got versions stretching from version 4 to 2008. Even in Claris/Appleworks the versions stretch from about 3 to 6. A mess.

From Richard I got Illustrator files for his vector art work, and Claris materials were typically anywhere from 1-4.

From Stephen early work was CorelDraw, Publisher and finally Pagemaker, with agnostic JPEGs and GIFs.

Stephen tends to now use GIMP, InkScape and OpenOffice (presume), an opensource tool suite.

Even Philip did something in CorelDraw years back.

As for myself my standard tools of trade are now Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop with output via Acrobat.

Don’t ask me about other software - still nightmare.

Without being a pain, I’m going to have to standardise what we use.

I realise people cannot afford professional software to create their ideas, but I certainly need to them to author high grade PDFs supported by professional providers.

What I will do is make a standard list of Opensource packages, version and file formats that any work will be done in.

This way I can retain the set myself, and make it easy for interchange between us, and have it slot into the workflow.

Opensource is free, and you can also dispose of legacy tools you might have had that might be considered ancient.

Robert will recall my efforts to convert some starship plans of his to modern formats for him.

I’ll drop and email soon with my suggested set.

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