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Like Turram I found that RefMan 1.0, 2.0 and Concise Rulebooks 4.0 all needed surgery.
The 1995, v2 and 3.1 rulebooks were a lot easier - probably because they had recently been converted to InDesign (last couple of years), had been tidied up and were easy to generate new PDFs.

Unfortunately our middle aged books are the worst (the 1999-2001 era) where they were done in Pagemaker, and files if converted to InDesign need too much fixing.

Now at least we have what appears to be more robust PDFs.

The proof will be in any printed samples made from these files.
I think half of the Beta test by OBS is part of this.

They actually offered printing and shipping of test books FREE as part of the Beta - part of the reason I’ve jumped at it.

Late this afternoon I’ll make Concise Rulebook 4.2G, which is just the current 4.2, with the nice border stripped off it, and all the colour imagery turned to greyscale. At least this way the current A4 rulebook will be available as POD from OBS.

I’ll investigate the book options and see if A5 and US Trade are supported as one or two other current ones might be ported to greyscale.

While I can assemble compilation books now, I can put them in the POD Beta. I can only work on products they have in the test catalog which was mirrored a couple of months ago. Compilations will have to be releases for when they go live with POD. I can release them as ebooks in the interim.

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