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In my quest to get files ready for the OBS POD feature I’ve struck some problems.

Publications that rely on old PDFs where the original typesetting file has been lost or corrupted is causing some grief.

I managed to get Fed Times 90s collection sorted and loaded this morning.

But Turram Encounter is causing grief. The PDF we’ve used from day one is the one supplied by Stephen, and the Pagemaker files we found a couple of years later are of slightly earlier versions, so couldn’t be used to generate a new PDF.

So I’ve relied on a PDF with the old cover removed and 2 pages added in front for the last 2 years.

Unfortunately Stephen’s PDF contains false bolds, font embedding issues, colour space and rogue objects that make the PDF fail preflighting for professional print production.

POD services tend to have some strict standards in terms of PDF-X compliance to meet pre-press standards. Lightning Source use the PDF-X:1a 2001 standard.

So the way to fix it (like I did some minor surgery on the Personality PDF recently), is to take Adobe Illustrator and open up every page of the PDF and make alterations to correct the problems.

I’ve spent the last 3 hours working on Turram and I suspect it will take me the rest of the evening. This is only to fix massive visual problems, and things getting in the way of it passing preflight. It is surgery to the PDF only, not the generation of a new source publication file.

I’ll slate Turram for v2 redo early in the new year so we have a rock solid version to use.

I imagine other old PDFs from Stephen may suffer the same troubles, as will any other publications of mine where I’ve relied on old PDFs after the Pagemaker files corrupted.

But onwards………..

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