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Sony has announced is is ending production of floppy disks after a nearly 41 year run of the use of this media format.

They have ceased production of the disks in most areas as of March this year, and expect to stop sales of 3.5 inch floppies by March 2011. Developing markets like India continue to use them, and their overall fate in such markets has yet to be determined.

These changes are happening as a result of the move away from floppy disk drives in PCs which started with Apple’s removal of the floppy disk drive from the iMac back in 1998. Mainstream PC vendors have all moved away from this format as well.

The growth in the adoption of the internet for file transfers, wireless technology, cheap flash drives and growing software and media sizes has doomed the floppy disk except for people continuing to use older machinery.

FSpace Publications advises users with such older computers to stock up on new blank disks for future use, as well as ensuring they have a computer capable of connecting to the internet, or able to write to some other form of media currently supported such as CDRs, or USB flash drives.

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