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As many of you may recall FSpace NetRules has shipped on floppy disks in the past. With the announcement of the end of FDs, I’ll not be making any further disks. The current gamepacks include such a disk. All gamepacks in my inventory have been shipped to Noble Knight Games, and Robert in the UK may still have some. While I still have a collection of used floppy disks here, but I’ll be providing this these to a family member to provide media support for their 1990s era laptops. If customers do want a book shipped onto floppy disk we can do this with some of our titles. PDF ebooks can be distilled to small low resolution forms that could fit on 1.44 MB floppy disks. You’ll have to supply your own disks to us after they cease being sold here. For authors wanting to submit manuscripts to us on floppy disks, we’ll continue to have the capability to read 720K and 1.44MB DOS and 1.44MB Mac formatted disks thanks to an external USB floppy disk we are keeping onsite. Otherwise, like many modern publishing operations we’ve moved on from their use. Thus ends that era.

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