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Both Paizo and YGN, while minor vendors for us, might generate more sales with a large deployment of products on their sites.

Neither have generated any sales yet.

Both have only 13 products each. As I mentioned a while back I only wanted to release all current versions from the back catalog.

With Paizo we get no front page coverage as Paizo saves this for their own published products or suitable products, while at YGN we do get exposure, but I suspect they are a very small vendor.

However never fear.

During May at some point I’ll assemble a list of all current product versions, and then devote a solid block of time to bring that entire catalog to Paizo in a solid hit, and have product ready for YGN, which I can release progressively to keep up some front page exposure for a while.

By doing this one huge effort, I’ll complete the back catalog upload, leaving only new product releases to do for these vendors.

At Lulu we have a far wider selection, both a selection of ebooks and a far larger list of printed books. Lulu ebooks have made a single sale, and from memory we have a small selection of ebooks available (10-20). I intend to expand the ebook selection out to the same level of coverage as Paizo and YGN, so this channel is as supported as possible.

These vendors along with OBS will represent our 4 major vendors carrying PDF based products. Apple’s iPhone with the R and TR series ebook app products which is our equivalent of PDF products, represents the 5th. All this work will pretty much complete deployment of all current PDF type products to existing vendors.

This will let me focus on work to deliver the back catalog to other vendors & formats.

At some point in the future, older versions of product can be deployed to these other channels for the sake of completeness. If customers want an older product, they can go to OBS network sites for now.

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