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With the release of iPhoneOS 4 mid this year, Apple will be providing the same File Sharing/syncing with iTunes for any application written to take advantage of it. This is the same as the iPad feature.

It makes PDFs and other documents easier to get onto the iPhone.

Users must still select a particular application to send the file to, so user choice is important, as will the process of buying/downloading an appropriate reader application.

Of course many ebooks are designed for use on smaller screen devices, and are often heavy weight in file size. I’ve noticed rich visual PDFs files still aren’t fast rendering on an iPhone 3G, so some demand will continue to exist for mobile optimised content for smaller screen devices.

I’ll continue to use ebook app engines to deliver content to the Apple platform, as I look at more innovative ways to deliver dynamic content and tools as part of future book offerings.

But for now users will have a range of choices and easy methods of delivering those choices onto their devices.

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