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Google announced it will enter the ebook sale market (finally) around mid this year.

This fits a strategy of offering ebooks on AndroidOS with particular support for their forthcoming tablet device based on Android. In essence they are following the lead established by Amazon with the Kindle and Apple’s more recent success with the iPad and the iBookstore (and the boo section of the AppStore for the iPhone).

The difference appears to be that Google wants to offer content to a broad array of devices, so this suggests beyond the Android ecosphere. Unlike other solutions, Google wants to offer this solution so users read books using a web browser.

And it appears they will be offering books from a range of websites and allow smaller, independent book stores to have a sophisticated online book store systems using their platforms.

As FSpace Publications is signed up in the GoogleBooks Publishing Partner Programme, I’ll be interested to see if they approach us to use those titles in this new store. I’ve only given them a small selection, but will provide them our entire library if they open up to us. Apple on the other hand has still not gotten back to us to sign up directly for the ibookstore. Hopefully Google is more open.

As the current Google system works with PDFs, if the new system uses PDFs as an input, it will be very easy to deliver rich visual content to this platform.

So watch this space…..

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