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After v1.2 of Quinkose was launched today, and I finish the the port to Mobipocket, Kindle and iPhone I’ve got plans for v2.

An update for Quinkose will happen to v2.0 at some point in the future when I get around to doing full colour 600dpi deckplans of the Quinkose scout, and expand some key elements of the scenario. I’m also spurcing up some original sketch images both I and Aaron did of the Quinkose to add more visual detail. I’ll probably add more details about the world and system.

And I’ll drop in details of the Mech units for those who are using rulebooks that don;t contain that data.

And I’ll probably drop in details and deckplans of an Anvil Explorer, and possible plans internally of the base.

With another few inspiration sessions I’ll flesh out all my smaller ideas in v1.2 to make v2 a reasonable sized adventure.

I’ll table it for next year once I sort out the commitments for this year.

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