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Ahead of the release schedule of July for New Zealand, iPads have begun arriving in New Zealand thanks to people purchasing them in the US.

I had the opportunity to play with one of them last week following a meeting about iPhone and other platform software development, where the attendees to the meeting had iPads.

Simon (pictured above) holding up his iPad with a Star Trek comic is very happy with his purchase and echoes the enthusiasm others share for such devices. His iPad is inside the wallet like case produced by Apple.

It is a remarkable small device in terms of overall size, being far smaller than the HP TC1100C slate tablet I have, and is very light. The photos are deceptive into making you think the device is larger. As a portable device it is thin, small and has an extremely bright screen with vivid colours. In an office with Wifi it becomes a portable office desk. Below is a comparison of screen size with my MacBook Pro 15.

Simon showed me the quality of the Star Trek and Marvel comics being presented on these devices, and in person the screen is just lovely in terms of brightness and picture quality.

While iPads have their critics, this device deserves more praise, and I believe it is going to change the very nature of how a good chunk of media, including books and comics will be consumed. It’s tiny size will make it easy for roleplayers to cart around an entire library of RPG books. Simon and I discussed some changes I should consider to my own RPG book offerings, but for now I need to strive towards getting my RPG books as iPad native so our RPG can be enjoyed on this awesome little device.

I’ll discuss more about the iPad and using RPG products on them in follow up articles.

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