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Our first 3.4 inch full colour deckplans product of an FSpaceRPG spacecraft has been released today.

The first product is the Parker class shuttle/lander vessel whose basic description and plans are in the Concise Rulebook.

The new product comtains full size 3/4 inch scaled square deckplans for use in tabletop gaming, and 2 interior variant plans are provided. Both come in A2 sheets for printing as single sheets, and a tiled version of each is also included across 4 A4 tiles for each variant.

Expanded background details are also provided.

Available today from OneBookShelf (RPGnow.com and Drivethrurpg.com), and will also be available later today on Your Games Now and in a few days at Paizo Publishing.

Check out the link below to find vendor specific product page links or to view the product page preview (Flash required).

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