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The iPad is proving a hit. With over 2 million already sold and exports by third parties booming to other countries, these devices have arrived in New Zealand well ahead of schedule.

3G enabled models allow users to use a full web browser on the go. The picture above is a quick snap of a user browsing the web on his iPad on a bus heading into Wellington from the Hutt Valley.

Software on the iPad makes it easier to get documents onto the device as well, with iTunes syncing, as well file type associations from your email, allowing a PDF file (or similar document) in your email to be opened and automatically transferred to the file store of the ereader software you have installed that supports that feature. I’ve had FastPDF demoed to my by Simon @ Learning Media and I was very impressed by the feature.

For business people, students, tutors and even role-players they potential is enormous. These devices will allow you to carry around a huge library of products in a variety of formats (ePub, PDF, Kindle, Word and even Ebook apps) without worrying about having large bag.

At FSpace Publications we’ve been looking into ways we might be able to better able to enhance the roleplaying experience on these devices and we have many exciting ideas on the drawing board. Unfortunately our resources are very few and it will take a while for use to get more advanced products out to market. We have to update some of our older iPhone offerings to the newer app engines we’ve assembled before we can progress to the next stage.

We’d appreciate anyone who wishes to donate their time to our projects. We can’t afford external expertise and have no sources of venture capital to fund the use of external resources for R&D purposes.

We’ll strive to continue to improve our products, so the road warriors out there get enhanced products.

With Adobe set to launch their Digital Publishing Platform later this year, including the work that launched the Wired magazine for the iPad, we’ll be looking closely if this technology is both affordable and appropriate to use for some of our products.

I love the iPad and can’t wait to get my own one to use as a testing platform for new products.

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