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The central small cargo module of a Mitan modular transport is really designed as a ventral docking module and storage module for tools, supplies, pressure suits and the like.

A Mitan can be shipped in several configurations for this module depending on needs. This is provided in combination with the design of the forward and aft cargo modules.

The ventral side of the docking module normally sits further in from the ventral surfaces of the docking module. In this configuration it is designed for hard docking of very small crew transport modules, extendable docking gantries on space stations, or other docking connectors of other ships that can fit into the space.

Where a larger small craft or ship with a larger profile needs to dock to that space, a Mitan can be equipped with an extendable docking module, with hard dock latches available on the ventral sides of the forward and aft cargo modules. This is pictured above.

Where a small craft such as a launch is required to be carried safely on a permanent basis, the foreword and aft cargo modules are provided with an inset profile to allow a launch of similar to hard dock in a docking sleeve with significantly more docking latches to secure the launch against the Mitan’s full manoeuvring capacity, as well as bring it within the hyperdrive field area without adjustments. And example is shown below.

The ventral lock is a double set of 0.8m iris valves, set about 30cm apart, so does not serve as an airlock on it’s own without an installed docking connector module.

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