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Status: Official

The new version of the Reference Manual 2.0 is now available on the iPhone.

It has been modified to include several new changes.

It is based on the TR-series engine but delivers sectionalised book parts, the black GUI look, For More info section linking to our website and new to this kind of book - the SkillCheck tool.

Functions found in the standalone RPG utility applications are making their way into our Rulebook Ebook app products.

With the Reference Manual 2.0 we’ve added SkillCheck.

Look out for the older Reference Manual 1.0 overhaul which will include the d10 dice roller function, as well as adaptation to the new book engine.

I am committed to overhauling the static nature of roleplaying books, and on the iPhone intend delivering roleplaying products which a range of appropriate interactive features to enhance your experience and make it easier to control the game without having to step outside the Rulebook Ebook app.

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