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The FSpace Publications team during the 1990s did put together a range of Traveller documents under the HIWG NZ banner. We even publishing The Meshan Saga which included some of that work.

Early in the 2000s I had a license to publish a set of commercial books for the Meshan Sector.

Unfortunately internal matters led one key author to pull out from the group, withdrawing our rights to use his Traveller material.

We’ve taken progressive action to remove the HIWG NZ, Meshan Sector and The Meshan Saga out of circulation. Many of them were joint initiatives with the author concerned.

We wanted to continue with our commercial endeavors, and after separating our works properly and completing scheduled artwork, we have since approached Marc Miller about continuing. However he has been too busy with other matters.

We have decided that repurpose our Traveller material (whose rights we clearly own and doesn’t infringe on the rights of others) for use in FSpaceRPG and for generic science fiction game supplements.

On this website we’ll also provide supplementary notes and specs for Traveller regarding any such products so you can use those products with Traveller in the way the author originally intended them. This helps us indirectly support the Traveller and HIWG communities. A range of such articles can be found in the For Use With section or FSpaceLynks. Such crossover uses is not endorsed by Traveller rights holders, so any comments provided are unofficial.

If the author who left our group decides to make his Traveller material available (which wasn’t jointly written with any of us) again to the Traveller community, that is his decision.

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