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I’ve decided to put TMS 11 on hold.

While authors did give me the right to publish submissions at the time in TMS in the issues that appeared there, it may not extend to the idea of releasing a new issue republishing their older material.

Times change and we’ve seen plenty of material have their public presence pulled and bundled as part of commercial endeavours, much as we have been doing.

Until I can track down authors and get explicit permission, I won’t be republishing. Just need to be safer than sorry.

TMS will just live on with those who have copies, the remaining CDs manufactured that have TMS on them, and of course the few libraries with them.

Once copyright expires, then they become public domain, so Ill write a strategy for the end of the copyright period to whoever inherits this work from me, to action getting it put into appropriate public domain channels.

Why do I mention this today?

The guy who does the HIWG CDROM just contacted me today and he is getting old contributors to review their old submissions to ensure compliance because many people have asked to pull material from his CD. We were one of them because of the issue with a certain author. I imagine Marc Miller got Clay Bush’s material pulled when he purchased the rights to Clay’s material at his death from Clay’s wife etc.

Obviously he needs to be careful and ensure he gets explicit distribution rights, or be dealing with truly free content whose rights are very clear for him to use.

Seems very timely given the conversation we are having about free content.

The creation of the Creative Commons licenses is a very good way to make it plain and clear what is free content and gives information on distribution. They do solve one of the problems around copyright in this kind of situation.

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