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I’ve gotten hold of the pack for the Traveller OGL SRD and the outcome is a no go for Meshan.

Marc Miller has authorised only OGL commercial access to the Foreven Sector only.

So that idea is sunk.

TMS 11 with articles from contributors outside our group could still be made available soon. It will be free and effectively falls within the Traveller Fair Use Policy Marc put in place. That keeps with the spirit those authors provided that material.

Mongoose are quick to point out that you need to be aware of what Open Content means, because basing material on the SRD means your material is also Open Content and is free for other people to copy and publish as they see fit.

OGL work is a nightmare, and I think reading this again, I probably should stay away from it.

While some of you like the principles of open content, I’m not comfortable with it because it never covers the real costs.

I think it’s best to continue down the path of our own franchises or release generic products where rights are not tangled in OGL, SRDs or other issues.

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