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Some of you have been awaiting the specifications for starship designs. Here is the basic brief.

We are combining 2 books into 1 given the limited resources at our disposal after R.F. pulled out completely.

Therefore the books that mirror Traders and Gunboats and Fighting Ships will be combined into 1 book. Those two original books will be used as a model of the minimum standard required. It is our job to achieve that standard, or supercede it if possible.

Ships featured in the book should range from 10 ton to 100,000+ tons. Half the book should contain designs under 1000 tons and suit ‘adventuring’ type environments.

All ships should be ones built within the sector itself, and not represent foreign vessels. Ships may be of local Vargr or human origin. A local Droyne design is acceptable, as is any minor race capable of building ships.

Ships class names should be named relevant to the languages found in the sector, namely Anglic, Vilani and the local Vargr languages. The Vargr langauges are to be derived from works of the project, while Vilani should be taken from Vilani and Vargr.

For each design, the shipyard of primary construction must be identifed, and that yard must be able to afford and build by capacity constraints that vessels according to TCS rules.

We are after a range of vessel class uses, namely civil, commercial, military and extra-legal.

Any craft under 3000 tons must be supplied with deckplans. Deckplans must be according to Traveler standards, and should be done in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or other vector based editable EPS format.

Exterior must be diagrammed as a scale diagram showing front, rear, side (top and bottom where applicable) views. all ships must be built according to High Guard standards. Mixed tech may be possible where two allied shipyards are co-operating, but TCS curency rates, and some account of shipping charges of components must be added to the ship price.

Technology designs are typically 9-11, with 12-14 being rarer. Very few 14 worlds are able to build big ships at all because of the limits of their yard capacity under TCS rules.

We expect a well written background for the class and it’s uses that link nicely into the sector background. This is expected to be 500-1000 words.

Any and all Standards and requirements listed in our Traveller Publishing Standards Manual must be complied with.

All interested participants must submit a 200 words brief and sketch for each design to see if compliant, along with a signed game submission waiver.

You will then be expected to enter into a contract covering expectations and deliverables.

Royalties are flexible, and will be discussed at brief time, but are subject to the quality and standard of the final submission.

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