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Just to keep those still interested in the loop.

Rick and I had an amicable meeting regarding Traveller. However he has still indicated that he will continue to consult a solicitor.

In response to this, and for the management of the legal matters being raised I am consulting a number of solicitors, and have an appointment with one next week to scope the time involved in meeting base compliance with this process.

I have been quoted $300+gst per hour for legal work in this contractual issues.

As you can imagine, this project cannot sustain much of this, and frankly I am very concerned about profitability, and the royalties I will be able to offer contributors if forced to have lawyers hammer away at each other for each contract negotiation.

Other areas of the projects proceed in an okay manner, albeit delays continue to occur because of the voluntary nature of certain inputs.

I am looking at more professional service providors for a range of work in this project to eliminate the long lead times in getting stuff done.

Late next week, I’ll inform you about further progress I anticipate to be made at that time.

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