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This is the line that I have been advocating for years.

Internet content is not the same as book content. The physicallity of a book is not to be underestimated and people will pay for it, if they are certain of the content.

The same principle applies to all media. i.e. In the good old days someone would by an LP or CD and their friends would record a copy onto casette. If they also particularly liked it, then they too would by the Record or CD because they wanted the artwork, the purity of the original media, and it looked nicer on their shelf with their other records and CDs.

These days the same principle applies to downloaded media. People will illegally download music tracks, and then buy the CD.

My view is put the content on the web, closely monitor the hits and see how it goes. At some point put up a survey, asking “Would you buy this game in a book form?”

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