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Under the constitution of the Martian Confederation, the rights of the indigeneous people are recognised, namely the Aratani, and that the resources of the planet are owned by them.

In general the Confederation consults with the Aratani about resource use, but has tended to be left alone by the Aratani, especially given the reasonable large proportion of the populace that are Aratani.

However the Confederation is very weary of going to far with autonomous activity, as the Aratani have a large military force, both of civil origin and from Cydonia. The rise of the Aratani during the Martian Wars and the founding of the Confederation could not have happened without the Aratani. Such action by the Aratani highlights their deepest thoughts and feelings about being manipulated by Terrans, and their general wish to be left in peace to live the lives they have developed for themselves on Mars.

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