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Status: Beta

The effort basically will be publishing most of the game online via the site, and seeing if it generates interest.

As I do not have the funds to take the game to the next level, and cannot raise the venture capital either, we need to do something.

FSpace has been rotting away for 5 years without anything happening while we explored options. Better to release it to the world in some form than not at all.

And the idea is that it make rejeuvenate interest in the game and get some people developing for it, as the old team is doing nothing.

That’s my take. And Robert made suggestions along those same lines in response to this.

I can explain my position and how this kind of finding will be a possible avenue for us.

I pay a lot of money to maintain a website that needs to be put to better use. Otherwise I may as well be doing the equivalent of burning my money each month.

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