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The PArker Deckplans PDF product that can be purchased from various vendors is not ideally suited for use on the current generation of mobile phone and tablet devices.

On an iPad in Apple’s ibooks application you will experience application quits as the software tries to render the plans on pages 5 and 6. This is because they are high resolution a2 sized plans that put such a load on the memory of these devices, that the app quits probably from a memory overrun.

We’ve found by letting the app generate the thumbnails for all the pages (bottom strip) over the course of several minutes, that the smaller tiled plan do work okay.

We’ll update this notice once we do a test with the iPhone4 which has more RAM to work with.

The Parker deckplans product wasn’t designed for use with tablets, being either a notebook reference PDF, or one better suited to print output with a digital print bureau.

We will mull a decision to release an iPad friendly version in the future.

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