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Mitan transports were initially not armed during the 2160s, but with the advent of the Serpenti War, Martian regulations relaxed to allow commercial operators to keep their vessels armed as needed.

The regulations mean such vessels must be part of the Confederation Merchant Naval Reserve. Many such armed Mitans are seen in service plying the space lanes between Boristov, Arcturus and Falicin, servicing the outposts inbetween these major colonies.

A mitan powerplant can generate enough extra power to operate a number of ASL-1 lasers, but most owners tend to fit the the ship with 2 dual missile turrets, which also incorporate an AVL-1 of AVL-2 laser for anti-missile defence work.

Typically missile armaments can range from conventional HEAP, KEW to micro-cloud KEW payloads. Those on military duties have sometimes been equiped with nuclear fusion ordinance.

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